African Project on Health Promotion

As part of the IUHPE coordinated Global Programme on Health Promotion Effectiveness (GPHPE), the African Project on Health Promotion Effectiveness (APHPE) undertook several key activities between 2003 and 2008.


These included:

  • Developing and disseminating guidelines on assessment of health promotion effectiveness;

  • Conducting a comprehensive literature review on health promotion effectiveness;

  • Implementing special research projects (e.g. the Health Promoting Schools initiative, tobacco control, mitigation of HIV/AIDS, urbanization, youth/adolescent health, aging, malaria, epidemiology, epidemics);

  • Commissioning a publication to review and synthesize evidence-based health promotion effectiveness;

  • Holding a meeting to engage policy makers (political leaders, managers in health, education and other sectors); and

  • Building capacity to develop skills and improve systems for monitoring and evaluation, process documentation, and advocacy.


The objectives of the project were
  • The long term objectives was to raise standards of health promoting policy-making and practice in Africa by:

    • Reviewing evidence of effectiveness in terms of hea lth, social, economic and political impact;

    • Translating evidence to policy makers, teachers, pr actitioners, researchers;

    • Stimulating debate on the nature of evidence of eff ectiveness

  • The short terms objectives were to

    • complete the publication on the Evidence of Health Promotion Effectiveness in Africa; and

    • Develop, organise and hold an advocacy workshop for policy makers in health and education sectors.

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