For the 2023 edition of the WHO World Health Assembly, WHA76, IUHPE co-signed a Constituency statement, meaning a statement from a group of organizations in official relations with WHO.
IUHPE was represented in Geneva by Professor Didier Jourdan, IUHPE Vice-President for Administrative Affairs.
World Obesity Federation, Framework Convention Alliance on Tobacco Control, World Cancer Research Fund International, Movendi International, International Diabetes Federation, FDI World Dental Federation, International Union for Health Promotion and Education and NCD Alliance welcome the updated WHO World Report on Social Determinants of Health Equity and the implementation-oriented operational framework for monitoring progress. 

We welcome the updated WHO World Report on Social Determinants of Health Equity and the implementation-oriented operational framework for monitoring progress. WHO’s work on SDoH is deeply valued by this constituency. Progress to address key SDoH has been insufficient worldwide, especially to tackle power imbalances and the actions by health-harming industries, including the tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy food and beverage and fossil fuel sectors, which is why WHO’s work in this area is so important. Failure to address these issues is driving the global burden of NCD mortality (including from cancers, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, chronic respiratory disease, mental health and neurological conditions) and NCD morbidity (e.g. billions living with oral health conditions)

We particularly commend WHO's work on commercial determinants - a key obstacle to health equity. We welcome the Report’s systems-based approach and proposed actions to address structural barriers: economic and gender inequality; racism and other forms of discrimination. We urge that stigma, false narratives and preconceptions also be addressed as part of the wider determinants to access quality health services, particularly for people living with obesity, alcohol use disorder or other mental health conditions, and other NCDs.

We recognise many determinants of health lie outside the health sector and must be tackled through a multisectoral approach: nowhere is this truer than for public health priorities such as the obesity epidemic, tobacco and alcohol harm, and air pollution.

We call on Member States to:
- accelerate UHC implementation equitably by guaranteeing quality services that span across the continuum of care - including health promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care - that are fair and don’t perpetuate stigma;
- focus more strongly on the implementation of the NCD 'best buys', especially pro-health taxes, which provide substantial return on investment and multiple benefits for addressing SDoH.

We call on WHO to:
- ensure the development of the World Report and operational framework remains transparent;
- clarify how the social determinants operational framework and well-being framework will complement each other


The statement, and all other statements brought forward by constituencies of Non-State Actors, can be viewed on the WHA website under agenda item 16.3: 

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Thank you to the World Obesity Federation for leading this effort. The full statement is also featured on their website: