Road Safety

Worldwide, 1.27 million people are killed and 20-50 million injured in road crashes every year, with almost half of them being pedestrians, motorcycles and bicyclists, and more than 90% of them in low and middle income countries. As a consequence, Injury prevention and road safety have become a growing public health priority, everywhere in the world and particularly in low- and middle-income countries and a priority for the IUHPE.



The IUHPE believes road safety forms integral part of an integrated health promotion approach and, with the support of CDC, works to

  • advance knowledge on road safety, particularly in low and middle-income countries,
  • build capacity for youth safety advocates, and
  • promote equitable and sustainable national policies on road safety.


Recent activities in this domain include:

  • the expansion of the Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative in Cambodia and Uganda
  • the evaluation and dissemination of best practices in child safety seat use for Road Safety in Uruguay
  • the Road Safety Plan for Children - EDU-CAR, implemented by the Fundación Gonzalo Rodriguez (FGR)
  • activities towards achieving the goals of ‘a Decade of Action for Road Safety’ (2011-2020) 
  • with Youth for Road Safety (YOURS), the development of a tool kit to introduce young individuals to the global road safety problem and potential avenues for action, and encourage them to become road safety activists– which will soon be made available in various languages and broadly disseminated.