Civil Society Hearing NCDsThe International Union for Health Promotion and Education is committed to the fight for the prevention and control of Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and has been involved with its partners in advocating for strong political solutions. In 2011, in the lead up to the first High-Level Meeting on NCDs, IUHPE published a "Call for Action on NCDs." 


In October 2017, Last October, the organisation contributed to the Montevideo Roadmap 2018-2030 on NCDs as a Sustainable Development priority. Last February, Trevor Shilton, IUHPE Vice President for Partnerships and Institutional Affairs, was appointed to the WHO Civil Society Working Group that will have input to the Third High-level Meeting on NCDs, taking place on 27 September 2018.

He has been actively participating in this Working Group’s meetings, including the one held during the 71st Session of the World Health Assembly (WHA71), in Geneva from 21-26 May.


On July 5th, IUHPE was represented at the United Nations Civil Society Interactive Hearing on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, in New York City, in preparation of the September High-level Meeting. Liane Comeau attended as Executive Director of IUHPE, along with Bojana Beric-Stojsic, Vice-President for the North American Regional Office.


IUHPE argues that a systemic response is necessary for a lasting impact on the equitable prevention and control of NCDs. Best-buy interventions are desirable, but not sufficient. Furthermore, the quality of such interventions relies on system requirements such as strong health promotion institutions and a skilled health promotion workforce.


IUHPE position statement NCDSThe IUHPE position paper, “Beating NCDs equitably – ten system requirements for health promotion and the primary prevention of NCDs,” specifically addresses this perspective. We contend the failure to invest in, establish or strengthen the fundamental system supports for primary prevention and health promotion are the primary impediments to sustained implementation of NCD prevention and control.


We invite you to read the statement IUHPE prepared for last week’s Civil Society Hearing that builds on this position paper.


July 2018